a little about me

Located in

Vancouver Island, B.C

I grew up on the island, although we gypsied around for a few years, my heart pulled me back west to raise my ocean loving babies here and grow our family in the most laid back place in the world.
My two biggest passions are my family and my photography. I love to photograph love stories of all kinds, my intention behind photography is photographing human connection. Whether I'm capturing the tears and laughter on your wedding day or photographing a new love you haven't met yet in your belly, all forms of love and connection is what I love in my lens.

I love to give my clients a great experience when they book with me- to tell a piece of your story is what drives my passion. I hope you will look back on your images forever and be so happy with the experience and memories we created and captured.

I'm super laid back, I go with the flow, and always have my client's vision and needs at the forefront.
 I would describe my photography style as raw and candid, easy and emotive. My editing style is rich and a tad moody, strong blacks and sharp contrast with bright highlights. Each session is its own artwork and our final images will vary depending on lighting, tones and colors of our surroundings.  When posing during our session I tend to steer away from the "smile at the camera" photos, we will definitely take a couple of those for mum to hang on the fridge but I do direct my clients in a way that allows their true self and love to show and will get you laughing, moving and having fun together.
If you like my work and think we would be a good fit shoot me a message and we can begin planning your session!

I live on vancouver island, with my husband and our two beautiful boys.

photo taken by nicole park photography

A few of my favourite things

Camping, everywhere and anywhere. I love the outdoors and I love to go off grid and explore new places. waking up somewhere new with that cold dewy morning feeling.= bliss.

A sparkling glass of bubbly, I pop champagne more than most, there's always a reason to celebrate right?

Kindness always. I’ve lived a lot of lives and am an old soul they say. I try to be kind and understanding to all living things. I think the world needs more sweetness and patience with each other. I teach my kids to save spiders and step over ants. My oldest son is a professional slug relocater. ;)

I LOVE the moon in all its phases. & don't even get me started on a daytime moon. 

A  good cup of coffee. There's a sign in my kitchen that says 'but first coffee' and it couldn't be more accurate.